Client Services

Client Services

Client Services Salem Occupational Health Clinic Drug Tests, Physicals, Worker's Comp

Client Services at SOHC emphasizes convenience and communication.  

In all cases we will provide timely feedback regarding examination and testing results.

We will call, fax or email your pre-selected contact person with current work restrictions after each appointment.

We will inform you of any missed appointments.

Our medical staff is available to answer your questions at any time during business hours.

Monday Through Friday, 7:30am to 5:00pm at 503.362.5242

Through a partnership with our clients SOHC strives to provide the following Client Services:

  • Carefully and promptly schedule services
  • Provide timely results of examinations
  • Expedite drug screen results
  • Continually update procedures to be consistent with federal regulations
  • Maintain confidentiality with clients and their employees
  • Rapidly transmit reports to the appropriate industrial commission and insurers
  • And, whenever possible, assist employers to select light duty assignments for the injured employee as opposed to recommending lost time.

Communications and reporting are essential for a successful occupational medicine program. At Salem Occupational Health Clinic, we communicate patient treatment status with all key stakeholders—employer, payer, employee, and clinicians—to provide you with the information you need to keep your business running smoothly.

 Additional services are also available:

Case Management: If desired by a client company, the SOHC case manager will:  

  • Track the status of an injured employee who is placed on light duty or lost time.
  • Track the status of an injured employee who is referred by SOHC to a specialist or to another facility for additional diagnostic testing or specialized treatment.
  • Serve as the liaison between the physician, employer, and insurance company, or managed care organization; to track the disability status, projected return to work date, or other necessary information needed to get the employee back on the job.
  • Contact the employee during lost time to ensure he/she understands workers' compensation benefits and responsibilities.
  • Continually update the employer on the condition of the employee

Return to Work:

Some occupational injuries and diseases require special accommodations to allow the employee to return to light duty or modified work. Workers' Compensation rules can also require specific procedures to be followed when offering light duty work to an injured employee. Specialized return to work services are also available.

Our return to work specialist will:

  • Visit the worksite to suggest and/or review light duty or modified work assignments
  • Help write job descriptions and job analyses and/or teach employer representatives to write their own.
  • Assist with formal offers of light duty/modified work
  • Perform workstation analyses and recommend ergonomic solutions
  • Assist with workstation modifications
  • Provide consultation for development of a return to work policy
  • Provide instruction and assistance to access benefits from the Employer at Injury Program and the Preferred Worker Program